Bringing back photos from a trip is the possibility to relay as faithfully as possible the emotions experienced on site to others. 

As a guide at Terres de Photographes, I accompany nature and travel lovers in their desire to share the beauty of our planet through their pictures. 

That’s why we offer photo trips to Norway and the Faroe Islands with Terres de Photographes.

We travel together to take pictures of breathtaking landscapes from sunrise to sunset. The locations have been scouted in advance to ensure that you leave with beautiful photos. 

These trips are moments of exchange between enthusiasts of all levels. During this community life of several days, it is also the occasion to learn from the photographer who supervises the group but also between yourselves. Whether it is experience, techniques, editing or simple photo related discussions, each participant brings a new vision and a new sensitivity that can enrich the group. These moments of sharing take place in a spirit of kindness and desire to learn and progress.

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iles féroé
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