Pregnancy shoot for sunset lovers

After a couple shoot and a day after, here I am back for a pregnancy shoot!

That’s it with Jeremy and Manuella we do not leave each other, seduced after the first shootings I accompany them today to celebrate the future arrival of their first child. For the gender, we will see that on D day. In the meantime, here we are enjoying the summer in the fields of wheat for a photo shoot at sunset. After having raised them on the importance of light during the day after session, and having seen the results. No need to suggest it, this time it’s them who gave me an appointment not far from their home for the last moments of the day. A light breeze in the wheat for a moment with two, suspended under this golden light which falls behind them. Once again their love was sparkling and promises only beautiful things for their future child.

shooting photo maternité
séance photo grossesse