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Looking for a professional photographer for a couple photo shoot ?

I accompany you where you want to immortalize your love !

Time flies and it is never too late to capture all these moments of love and complicity in a place that you hold dear. A photo shoot is precisely the opportunity to capture all the essence that makes your couple, tenderness, laughter, adventure, passion, complicity …. Whatever the environment that resembles you the most, urban or natural, I come to you to immortalize everything that makes your couple in a landscape that looks like you. 


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photo couple paris
shooting photo couple saint malo
shooting photo couple
photo couple saint malo
séance couple paris
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Should I choose an indoor or outdoor shooting?2021-08-20T16:32:01+02:00

It is necessary to privilege an environment which resembles you. If you’re more of a homebody, I’ll come to your house. On the contrary, if you’re always outside or a wanderer, I’ll follow you on your favorite walks!

How to choose your outfit?2021-08-20T16:31:39+02:00

It depends on you and the place where the session takes place. It is important to have an outfit that looks like you. We try to avoid clothes with big prints or too many inscriptions.

Can I change my outfit during the shooting?2021-08-20T16:31:13+02:00

Of course, you can bring as many outfits as you want during a shoot.

How does the photo shoot go ?2021-08-20T16:30:48+02:00

The session lasts between 1h and 1h30min. During this session, I place you and guide you to put you at ease and make you look good!

How to prepare before the shooting ?2021-08-20T16:30:25+02:00

Don’t panic, during our exchanges I will send you a complete guide to best prepare your photo shoot.

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