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Project Description


Congratulations, the family has grown! 

Baby is growing at a crazy speed, let’s not waste any more time and capture all these moments before we forget them! 


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You are looking for a professional photographer to capture the arrival of your child. There is nothing better than a photo shoot to celebrate this happy event and let your family and friends know about it!

If it is a newborn, it is preferable to realize the session within the first 15 days but if we exceed a little, don’t worry it’s okay. For a birth photo shoot, it is preferable to realize it at home. Baby has just arrived, let’s not rush him and capture all these moments in his new home. 

If your child is already a few months old and you want to do an outdoor photo session in a place that you particularly like, then let’s go!

A session lasts on average 1h30min but it is above all your child who dictates the rhythm of the day and whatever happens I adapt and we take the time of pause which is necessary. 

During this time, I place you, guide you at times but above all let you live in the moment.

If you still have some questions, you will find below a FAQ section dedicated to this type of photo shoot and I remain available to exchange with you and answer your questions at all times.

When to book a birth / baby photo shoot?2021-08-20T16:20:26+02:00

The sooner the better. Ideally for a newborn within the first 15 days. If we go beyond a few days it’s okay, if I propose this time slot is because at that age, they change so quickly …

Baby at already a few weeks or even a few months, no problem, whenever you want !

Should I choose an indoor or outdoor shooting?2021-08-20T16:21:31+02:00

Ideally at home, if it is a newborn. Baby has just arrived let him take his marks and do not rush him more. If your baby is already a few months old and you want to take the pictures outside, then I’m with you!

How to choose your outfit?2021-08-20T16:19:55+02:00

Once again, it depends on you and the location of the session. It is important to have outfits that match and look like you. 

How does the photo shoot go ?2021-08-20T16:19:29+02:00

The session lasts between 1h and 1h30min. During this session, I place you and guide you to put you at ease and make you look good!

How to prepare before the shooting ?2021-08-20T16:18:54+02:00

Don’t panic, during our exchanges I will send you a complete guide to best prepare your photo shoot.

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