Photo session with twins!

What’s better than a family photo session with your two babies when they are twins!

This time appointment at Benoit’s and Amandine’s to take pictures at home with their two beautiful children. The timing is perfect. Hugo and Agathe walk and have energy to spare and moreover the family moves soon. It’s the perfect time to immortalize all the memories in the house where the twins were born and grew up the first years. I hope mom and dad had time to have their coffee because we started in the morning and the kids had slept well. Full of energy and always smiling, this session was a great breath of fresh air. Everyone was able to play together and the camera being something new, no need to attract the attention of the two little monsters. Agathe already poses like a photo model and Hugo laughs all day long.

Here is a beautiful happy family! A photo shoot like this in the morning gives you the energy for the day!

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photo bébé
photo famille
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