Indoor birth photo session in Rouen

Because the weather did not allow it and the star of this shoot was only a few months old, we stayed in the warmth of Laure-Lyne and Gabi’s home for this birth photo session.

As usual birth photo shootings are done at the baby’s pace. Alexy was so adorable! A little angel.

It’s not necessarily easy for babies to do a photo shoot because we shake up the little routine in place. A new voice, a new smell, the stress of the parents, the objects that we move, the new outfit very pretty but sometimes not comfortable, the moving around… It is important to go slowly, to take your time. With babies, the sessions can last two hours, the time of the feeding, the burping, the change… Above all, we take our time. The important thing is their well-being. 

And then it’s not my thing to swaddle the baby, to do staging, and posing. 

What I like is to photograph you as you are or to photograph the little rituals you have with your baby.