A photo shoot to highlight your business

Yes, I don’t only take pictures for individuals! 

This time it’s Cassandre that I accompanied to immortalize her change of life and profession. She is a food stylist based in Paris but originally from Brittany. You may already know her under the pseudonym “Sens Assiette”. She shares with us every day on her Instagram account fabulous recipes to make your mouth water! Unless you have already seen her on Objectif Top Chef (French tv show)?

In short Sens Assiette is above all Cassandre, so today no product photos we honor the person behind all this knowledge.

For that the choice was quickly made, we found ourselves in the streets of Vitré her hometown to unfold the whole session. Almost the entire photo session was done outdoors except for a part in the Magic (the 4 star hotel in the area).

The shoot went wonderfully well and some of the photos even made the front page of several local newspapers when she appeared on the small screen.

If you too are looking to promote your business, don’t hesitate to contact me!

And if you want to know more about Sens Assiette, it’s this way!